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You May Not Want To Leave!


Come to the Quincy Valley.  Rest in luxurious resorts or quiet hotels. 
Taste the bounty of the earth in quaint restaurants, fruit stands, and award winning wineries.  Explore the remains of the ice age floods. 
Hike through sagebrush steppe wildlife preserves. 
Enjoy swimming, boating, and other water sports on the mighty Columbia.  Above all, experience the bounty and calm of nature. 

Be inspired and discover the Best of Quincy Valley

The Quincy Valley is framed by ridges forced up by titanic forces under the earth’s surface. 
Ancient sea beds now lie exposed on the ridge tops. 
The valley was then filled with huge walls of water from the biggest floods ever known on earth. 
These violent and explosive events left dramatic sheer cliffs, deep canyons, and ancient lakes.