5 Instagrammable places in Cusco City

5 Instagrammable places in Cusco City

Cusco is one of the most incredible places in all Peru. While you are visiting this amazing city, you can also take some time to take the best pictures for your instagram account. How? Because Cusco is not only archeological sites, but you can also find really beautiful spots to make a memorable portrait that you will never forget.

Time for knowing some spectacular places to visit in Cusco, includes never-ending tourist spots so we will discuss the most visiting tourist places here. The reason behind visiting this place is to fill up their Instagram by posting the beautiful spots and receiving maximum likes and comments.

Here, in Quincy Valley Tourism we will tell you the best 5 places to take good pictures in the city. Are you ready?

The colorful streets in Cusco

The best thing about the place is that it is surrounded by great architectural styling cobbler and crumbling walls. On reaching the city, you will find great huge walls which are designed traditionally. You can find these streets on the corner of Pumacurco and Ese. This place is meant for capturing as many pictures as you can to post it up on your Instagram. Also, according to the observation, it is being observed that this street is the most liked Instagram photo. So what’s stopping you take out the cell and click beautiful Instagram pictures with this stunning background.

Cusco 7 borreguitos

Cusco’s Cathedral

Tambling down the streets in Plaza de Armas, you will reach the most attractive place known as Cusco Cathedral. The place Plaza de Armas has some of the special things, including bars, restaurants, street musicians, and many more added. We would suggest you approach the place twice in a day, as every time some of the other special things take place over here.

Plaza de Armas, is the main view of attraction, of Cusco. On top of it, Cusco Cathedral is the demonstrative representation of Cusco Cathedral. It includes a layout of rectangular building rooms, rectangular designed wooden doors; these doors are not normal; they are carved with ancient andesite stones. This one is a great place if you are hunting for the best photographs to upload over Instagram.

cusco catedral

White Christ

Settled high above the centre of Cusco, is the statue of Jesus located. The place is known as Cristo Blanco, is located over the height. The statue is 8 m high, is structured and carved with a fine touch, which seems quite real, coloured in white. Most of the people visit the spot, to pray, also to click snaps from the height. The Cusco centre can be seen from the top. The panoramic view enlightens the tourists, and also the view caters to a perfect background for the photograph that can be posted on Instagram. Thus, the photo can become the most liked Instagram photo.

cristo blanco cusco

San Pedro Market

San Pedro Market is situated within an eight-minute walk south from Plaza De Armas. As soon as on entering the market, you will experience a pleasant smell of spices that will hit your nostrils; also you will get to see a variety of metals, traditional dresses, and many more attractive things to buy. So you can click the snaps while walking in the market, and post those attractive and dynamic snaps on Instagram to get the most liked Instagram photo.

Main Square of Cusco

It was the last week of my most recent trip to Cusco. After about three months and four separate trips to this fantastic city, I was roaming around the Plaza de Armas just taking it all in. I overheard a group of young travelers stumbling onto the Plaza de Armas for the first time.

It had served as the meeting spot for every hangout or roam around that I’d plan with any of my friends. It holds a really special place in my heart and it seems like I always find a new angle or new view while I’m here. You’ll obviously find your way here at some point, but seriously, take it all in.

Do not hesitate and come to enjoy the magic of this beautiful city. If you are planning your visit to Cusco, please, contact us in the following link, we will help you to make your dreams come true.

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