Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Peru

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Peru

¿Are you planning your visit to Peru? If so, we all know that the best part of the memories that we can keep are the pictures. While visiting Peru, we can find breathtaking views and places that, for sure, will last forever in our minds and why not? in our cameras or social networks.

In the last few years, Instagram has become the most popular social network where we can share pictures with an “aesthetic” style and show where we go or where we have traveled. Taking pictures is not also a profession that photographers do, we can dabble in this hobby just with our phones or cameras, we have to find a good place, a model and boom we have a picture that will have a bunch of likes.


So, no worries instagram lover, here we will show you the 10 best “instagrammable” places in Peru. Take note of these spots, they are not only good for pictures, but they are also full of history and tradition. Here your friends of will tell you more about this.

Humantay Lake in Cusco Peru

Amongst the snowy mountain peaks lies a turquoise gem that will take your breath away. This gem is Humantay Lake, and it has been growing in popularity in recent years. A few hours drive from Cusco will take you to Soraypampa, from where you will have to walk an hour and a half to the lake.

It has an absolutely stunning view. The turquoise and emerald color of the water in front of the white and snow-capped mountains is like a sight from a dream. It looks amazing and there is not much chance that you will see something like this in your lifetime.

humantay peru

Colca canyon in Arequipa

It is one of the largest tourist destinations not only in Arequipa, but also in Peru. Its easy access -a bus or private car from the city to the district of Chivay, does not take more than 3 hours and a half-. Various activities are developed here that make it so required by tourists interested in adventure sports, ancestral culture and nature lovers.

Once you have connected with nature, try to see the amazing scenes full of vegetation, until you reach one of the summit points of Colca, where from a viewpoint tourists are waiting for the apparitions of the majestic condors.

Ica: Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are part of the National Reserve of the System of Islands, Islets and Puntas Guaneras. In its surroundings live a large colony of sea lions that can be easily observed from a motor boat. This habitat is shared with Humboldt penguins and boobies.

Beside the beautiful animals around the place, you can also find a stunning geological formation called the chandelier with almost 183 meters (600 feet) high on the north face of a hill on the peninsula. The origin of this formation is a mystery, giving rise to many thoughts. For sure, a place you have to visit.

The amazing lagoon 69 in Ancash

The lagoon 69 is a whole natural paradise that exhibits dreamy landscapes characteristic of the Andes. It is called “Lagoon 69” because, when the authorities counted the small and large lakes in the region, this number was given. Its waters are fed by the impressive snow-capped Chacraraju.

One of its most outstanding characteristics is the brilliant coloration of its waters, an intense turquoise tone, and crystal clear due to its purity and the absence of contamination in the area. However, the lagoon has a very cold temperature, so we do not recommend taking a long dip once you get to know it.

Lake Huacachina: a gem in Ica Peru

One of the most curious Ica things to do, and that makes it an attraction for visitors, is the Huacachina Oasis, which is located right in the middle of the desert.

It’s also a good option to spend the night, because it is one of the camping sites in Ica, or you can choose some of the nearby hotels. Huacachina means ‘crying woman’ in Quechua. Legend has it that this lagoon is born from the tears of a beautiful woman with green eyes, who cried the death of her beloved. The lake is full of life: from its palm trees and huarangos, to the birds that rest in its waters, its fish and the discreet creatures of the dunes that surround it.

Machu Picchu: The new 7 wonder of the world

At the top of the mountain, large and impressive blocks of stone joined together without any amalgamation make up one of the most important religious, political and cultural centers of the Inca empire: Machu Picchu.

This is an archeological place located in Cusco with a stunning view of the mountain Machu Picchu which, with all the stones and formations, seems to be a face of an inca laid in the mountains. You can reach this beautiful place just by taking a train from Cusco, this ride will be the perfect addition to this place.

Callao monumental

Monumental Callao is the space that connects old neighborhoods and places with a long past. Among them are the Real Felipe, Plaza Grau, Plaza Gálvez, the port, among others. The streets, full of lanterns and graffiti, tell the story of Callao to visitors on their own.

This place was deserted for many years until the national institutions decided to restore this place and make this a beautiful scenario for performing arts such as: painting, singing and music.

Millpu natural turquoise pools

In the middle of some rock formations in the community of Circamarca, in the department of Ayacucho, a valley of turquoise mantle is formed, which is known as the natural pools of Millpu. This is a natural, magical and unconventional setting, which is perfect for visitors’ postcards.

This place is just breathtaking, once you arrive you will see different formations like pools with a really turquoise color that impacts all at once. This is a rare gem into the Peruvian andes.

Rainbow mountain

Every time they tell you that something is impossible, remember a thousand times that in Cusco we have a rainbow mountain, yes, you read correctly, a mountain with 7 colors that can be seen among imposing snow-capped peaks and reveals its peculiar colors to the view of the world.

We have in front of us the rainbow mountain and next to one of the protective apus of Cusco, what more can we ask for? Lots of colors, just like the rainbow that will last forever in our mind. The path is kind of difficult but, no worries, this view is worth it.

The sillar Route

Arequipa is called the White City, not because it has a lot of snow capped mountains, but, the construction of its houses, monuments, temples and, in general, the vast majority of buildings that surround the historic center, have as their main protagonist Sillar: a white stone of volcanic origin.

With an extension of 2 km in length, the Sillar Route is one of the greatest attractions in the region. In these places, you will be amazed by the large number of sculptures, shields, utensils and many other pieces worked in Sillar.

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